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New Born A Ghost Song Released

We have been hard at work on the follow up to Stairway To An Empty Room. Unfortunately, I had COVID19 for awhile and was unable to complete the vocal tracks in time. So I am taking my time with this one and relearning how to sing and scream. In the mean time we have released the new albums name, Loose Ends. Additionally we have released the upcoming album artwork and a new track called Dirge.


New Born A Ghost in progress…

So we are back in the studio working on the follow up to “The Beginning To An Ending.” This offering will be a concept album and will have seven songs. We are extremely excited about this one and we hope people dig it.

We really went all over the place with the songs on this album. There is some death metal, black metal, modern elements with samples and more. I think this one will really appeal to a lot of fans. So far my favorite track is the albums closer. Once we get closer to being finished we will release some teasers and more.

As for production, we are doing everything in Reaper this time. So far the mixes sound huge. We have recently invested in some studio upgrades to accommodate the mixes. Our most notable is the purchase of the full T-Racks suite by IK Multimedia, which is a great product.

The guitars on the recordings are my Ibanez M80M with the Lundgren M8 in the bridge. The signal chain is pretty straightforward; I used a modded Boss SD1, into a modded Randall RD45H, into a Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2×12 cabinet loaded with Eminence DV-77 speakers. The cab was mic’d up with a Shure SM57 and then into my Focusrite interface.

The bass guitar is a combo of three signals. The first is just the regular DI signal taken off the pickups. Then the second track is sent into DAW and I use the Darkglass Ultra by Neural DSP. I dial in a fat SVT type of tone on it and then I add an EQ over top. Then I cut everything after about 2khz. The third and final track is again sent into the DAW but this time I apply any guitar amp sim and dial in a nasty sounding tone. Then I stack another EQ and cut everything out below 4000khz. Then I blend them to taste with the volume controls.

As for the drums, Craig recorded everything through Toontracks Superior Drummer 3 using an upgraded Alesis Strike Pro. For the preset we used the Death & Darkness SDX, whichever one is in the pool.