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Carcass of a Dead Star – Behold a Pale Horse

While I have been working on Born A Ghost, I took some time to work on another project, Carcass of a Dead Star. The story behind this project is pretty deep. It involves myself, Craig, Sergio, and our longtime friend and collaborator Edgar Wiest.

Edgar and I spent five days, in December, locked in an apartment with our instruments and inspiration. The outcome was Behold a Pale Horse. We definitely took things in a different direction with this release. We wrote it as is it were a 40 minute long song.

We ended up using 8 strings for this one; my RG2228 and Edgar’s RGA8. Both guitars went into three separate amp and cab combos…

  • An Ibanez Tubescreamer TS9, into my Randall RM100s Treadplate module, into my Orange 2×12 with DV77s.
  • A Boss HM2 into the clean channel of my Egnater Tweaker, into my Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2×12 with V30s.
  • An Earthquaker Plumes, into Edgar’s Revv G3, into the clean channel of the Egnater Tweaker, into the Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2×12 with V30s.

All guitars were recorded six times separately, using each of these amps mic’d up by a Shure SM57 into my Focusrite Scarlett 18i20. The lead guitars were all done with the AxeFX.

The bass was done the same way we did it on the latest Born A Ghost recordings from the last post. Same with the drums. And to top everything off we used IK Multimedia’s T-Racks to mix and master everything.

Our next goal with this project is to have someone do the vocals. Neither Edgar, nor I, want to do that in this project, as we’d both rather focus on writing riffs.