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Security Infrastructure Install
Eberle Vivian/Helmsman - JUL 2019
Added security systems to networking infrastructure in order to adhere to SSAE-16 compliance.

Installed an intrusion prevention system utilizing Snort, and set up all rules to catch anomalies in the network.

Setup and provisioned a SIEM solution utilizing OSSIM (Alienvault).

Network Circuit Upgrades (Phase 2)
PSESD - DEC 2017 - JUL 2018
Replaced all Cisco 2921 in 35 Pierce and King County school district headquarters buildings with Cisco ASR920 routers.

Upgraded most >1gig circuits to either 5gig or 10gig SM Fiber circuits.

All circuits speed tested with an FTB before handoff to district I.T. Director.

Network Circuit Upgrades (Phase 1)
PSESD - DEC 2016 - JUL 2017
Replaced all Cisco 2921 in 35 Pierce and King County school district headquarters buildings with Cisco ASR920 routers.

Upgraded most >1gig circuits to either 5gig or 10gig SM Fiber circuits.

All circuits speed tested with an FTB before handoff to district I.T. Director.

Choice Hotels Network Upgrades
Jolin Consulting - JUL 2016
Replaced WIFI access points, and built a fully functioning, captive-portal based, DMZ'd, WIFI network.

Updated security policies and customer Authorized Use Policies and applied them to a captive-portal for guests to access when they are in their hotel rooms.

Walmart Pharmacy Network Refresh
Jolin Consulting - APR 2016
Replaced all networking equipment, servers, and workstations that were part of Walmarts Pharmacy network at all Walmarts along the I5 corridor in Washington and Oregon.

Due to HIPAA/security concerns, Walmart required work to be done during business hours while minimizing productivity loss.

Failover Node Install for AliBaba
Jolin Consulting - FEB 2016
Received and pre-provisioned equipment shipment at Verizon data center in Renton, Washington.

Installed 17 switches, 2 routers, and 3 CentOS servers; all made by Huawei, utilizing 10gig fiber optic and fiber-channel connections.

Tested and cutover without any loss of data or any interruption of service or daily production.

UPS Refresh for Cost Plus World Market
Jolin Consulting - DEC 2015
Replaced all uninterruptable power supplies in Cost Plus World Market stores in Pierce, King, and Thurston counties.

Established redundant power for each network device racked in Cost Plus World Market store server rooms.

Tested and cutover without any loss of data or any interruption of service or daily production.

Department of Revenue Automation Refresh
Jolin Consulting - SEP 2015
Replaced all printers in Washington State Department of Revenue offices in Tacoma, Seattle, Olympia, and Federal Way.

Provisioned network with new printer VLAN before installing all printers.

Preloaded printers with most recent firmware and pre-provisioned all printers with networking data provided from NMAP scans and configuration documents from legacy printers.

Merger and Acquisition for MDCommerce
Jolin Consulting - AUG 2015
Consolidated all network and data assets from Cascade Billing and Camber Health Professionals and created a new data network for MDCommerce Inc.

Installed all hardware in colocated hosting at WowRack in Seattle, Washington.

Migrated critical applications into cloud hosting environments for 24/7 availability and backup/recovery ability.

Implemented SNMP monitoring and bandwidth monitoring to provide quick support and facilitate accurate traffic shaping.

Active Directory Migration for Cascade Billing
Jolin Consulting - FEB 2015
Upgraded all clients servers from Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 to Windows Server 2012. All Linux hosts were updated to Ubuntu 14.

Created a new Domain Controller with FSMO rules and also created a separate OU for each department.

Implemented group policy objects to automatically map functions such as; shared drives, shared printers, etc...

M&P Documentation Development
Comcast Cable Corporation - MAR 2014
Conducted 6 months of research to determine common issues end-users were facing with proprietary equipment to mitigate future problems.

Created SQL databases to catalog issues and complaints with customer-facing software and hardware.

Work resulted in speeding up customer resolution time by mitigating and/or correcting common issues before they arise.

Data Center Data Renovation
United States Army - DEC 2012
Managed the data renovation of a full-scale medical data facility with an approximate budget of $3.5million.

Project combined 6 networks into 1 network utilizing 3 VLAN/subnets (Data, Voice, Operations).

Configured and installed 40 Layer 2 switches, 10 layer 3 switches, 20 routers, and 280 total servers; 100 being hardware hosts.

Agency Asset Transfer
United States Army - AUG 2011
Supervised the transfer of cryptographic communications equipment between the United States Department of Defense to the Department of State.

Computer and radio communications were valued at approximately $2.5million.

All assets were transferred with a 100% success rate and no loss.

Security Vulnerability Training for Subordinate Units
United States Army - NOV 2010
Following the completion of Electronic Warfare training; developed full-scale physical and logical security awareness training in partnership with U.S. Army Military Intelligence personnel.

Trained personnel on how to accurately assess and secure wired and wireless networks from physical and logical threats.

Created documentation for testing and validating user knowledge.

Ensured that all unit members in attendance were able to accurately identify threats, manage incidents, and report incidents to higher command.

Disaster Recovery Plan
United States Army - APR 2010
Designed and implemented business continuity and disaster recovery plan for the 93rd MP BN to simulate communications services during marshall law police operations.

Created a hot-site failover system for radio and computer communications in the event of a power failure at primary communications hub.

Established a rotating data backup and recovery program which resulted in zero data loss or spillage.

Maintained full operational connectivity during operation and during simulated power outages with an SLA of 99%.

Network Lifecycle Refresh
United States Army - JAN 2010
Replaced a total of 20 legacy switches with Cisco 2950 switches of various model types depending on the application (i.e., VoIP, Video Conferencing, Server Block.. etc...).

Replaced a total of five legacy routers with Cisco 2800 routers; two of which included WIC-TSU/DSU cards for PRI phone service.

Added 4 HP ProLiant servers; 1 implemented as a domain controller with a redundant spare, and 1 to host a file server with a redundant spare.
Hard Disk Drive Replacement
United States Army - JULY 2009
Removed and replaced hard disk drives from 250 combat patrol vehicles with newly imaged hard disks while maintaining combat operations.

Maintained operational security and secrecy throughout the entire project with no loss of data.

Completed entire project successfully within 4 days; 1 day per line platoon and 1 day for headquarters platoon and makeup vehicles.
Cable Plant Renovation
United States Army - NOV 2008
Ran approximately 5000 miles of single-mode fiber throughout the greater Iraq area of operations.

Connected multiple satellite sites to main headquarter site in a hub and spoke topology using single mode fiber optics.

Created multiple demarcation points at satellite offices utilizing multi-mode fiber handoffs.

Terminated an approximate total of 50,000 RJ45 connections, 10,000 RJ11 connections, 30 fiber connections (SC & LC).
Enterprise Active Directory and Email Migration
United States Army - DEC 2007
Migrated Active Directory Users and Computers from a failing Windows 2003 domain controller/server to a new server that was pre-provisioned for an upgrade to Windows Server 2008.

Created a new domain organizational unit structure and nested it underneath U.S. Army Headquarters organizational units.

Deployed infrastructure services such as; DNS Services, File Sharing, Printer Sharing services, per Enterprise Information Technology best practices and Army Regulations.

Configured domain users for Single Sign-On access to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook as well as migrated old region based e-mailboxes to new branch based e-mailboxes.
Tool Accountability System Software Deployment
United States Air Force - AUG 2006
Implemented tool accountability software to mitigate annual shortages caused by tool loss

Initiated unit level inventory to establish a baseline lifecycle and maintenance program for aircraft maintenance and fabrication tools.

Created policies to allow SSL certificate signing between two parties who are signing in/out tools.

Configured Single Sign-On between software, and Microsoft Active Directory; as well as automated reporting, and automatic tool return reminders.
Mobile Technical Order Deployment
United States Air Force - MAR 2006
Deployed multiple Panasonic Toughbook laptops to replace hardcover/paperback Technical Orders in use during aircraft scheduled maintenance.

Initiated Kerberos authentication protocol to allow for secure Common Access Card login.

Airgapped each device so that it is only updatable via official software release being applied physically through sneakernet.
Novell E-Directory Migration To Microsoft Active Directory
United States Air Force - DEC 2005
Project completed one week ahead of the scheduled completion date, allowing for full post-deployment testing and error correction

Consolidated management of users (approx. 500) and computers (approx. 350) and organized users into logical groupsets/organizational units.

Created security and mail groups that allow for ease of management.

Created a change management program that follows each change through the lifetime of the deployment.